Phased Renovation Project

The Harvey S. Firestone Memorial Library, built in 1948, received a 10-year, six-phase gut renovation — down to
bare concrete walls and ceiling — while the entire library remained open. The 430,000-sf building, three-quarters of it underground, contains book stacks, reading areas, rare book vaults and support spaces, all dedicated to the humanities and social sciences.

IMEG provided mechanical, electrical, and fire protection services for the system upgrades to meet current sustainability standards, including motion-sensing LED lights, a chilled-beam HVAC system, and low-flow plumbing. Additionally, new rare book vaults provide the latest fire detection and protection system technology along with precise humidity and temperature control.

As part of the project phasing, IMEG designed a temporary rare book processing and storage facility to ASHRAE Class A specifications, which also included inert gas fire suppression. With the books protected, IMEG then designed the systems for two permanent rare book vaults with associated environmental controls and security. The Scheide Collection includes rare book storage vaults, a replica of Mr. Scheide’s library (bottom image), and a 3,200-sf, two-story high rare book reading room with SageGlass skylights that automatically adjust light transmission based on outdoor direct solar radiation levels.

Princeton University - Harvey S. Firestone Memorial Library
Princeton, NJ
430,000-sf renovation
Services Provided

Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection