Pre-Fabricated Modular Apartments

IMEG, formerly The Harman Group, provided structural engineering and design services for The Stack, a new seven-story, 38,000-sf, 28-unit apartment building and the first modular building in Manhattan. The 56 modules were constructed off-site with utilities and finishes installed, allowing for rapid construction. They were then transported to the site, where the modules were stacked atop a steel frame podium.

Module dimensions and weight were controlled by shipping and crane constraints. The modules needed to be rigid and stable while in motion during transportation and erection. Connection details between the modules were developed such that the boxes could be lowered into place onto alignment pins and then be bolted
or welded in place. Connection points were positioned where they were most accessible to minimize the need to access the connections through finished walls and ceilings. The 56 modules were erected in nineteen days with a single crane and crew of 14 workers.

The Stack
New York, NY
Services Provided