Renewable Heating and Cooling Design

IMEG provided building performance optimization services at IKEA locations in Stoughton, MA, and Sacramento, CA, to reduce the buildings’ carbon footprints and meet the company’s renewable energy goals for 2020, 2025, and 2030.

The Renewable Heating and Cooling – Phase 1 planning project included a study of the existing structural, mechanical, and electrical infrastructure of the buildings, along with commissioning and energy modeling services, to evaluate different retrofit options. The study prioritized decarbonization for each site by removing gas-based systems and replacing them with all-electric HVAC and plumbing technologies. The electricity would then be offset with on-site solar PV systems.

IMEG’s scope included:

  • Definition of the mechanical and electrical systems
  • Capacities and locations of these systems’ major components
  • Coordination of the systems’ dimensions with other trades
  • Sustainability requirements
  • Participation in planning and transition meetings

The team analyzed multiple approaches toward electrification to assist with selection of the best solution based on first cost, life cycle cost, and total carbon reduction.

IMEG also will perform peer reviews of the contractor’s documents to ensure continuity of design intent; will review of submittals for major components—boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, air handlers, pump sets, fan coil units, transformers, switch gear, generators, etc.; and will perform certain job site observations.

Stoughton, MA | Sacramento, CA,
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Building Performance Optimization