Replacement Hospital

IMEG provided medical equipment planning services for McLaren Greater Lansing’s new 520,000-sf replacement hospital — which consolidated two other existing McLaren hospitals. The new construction included 240-beds with 18 new operating rooms (ORs), a 34-bay emergency department, and an eight-bed observation unit. Program spaces also included:

  • Sterile Processing Department (SPD)
  • Full-service lab and pharmacy
  • Radiology
    • Three nuclear medicine suites (one SPECT-CT)
    • Three CT, one MRI
    • Seven radiology or radiology/fluoroscopy suites
    • Six catheterization (cath)/interventional radiology (IR) suites
    • One hybrid-OR suite
  • Behavioral health emergency room section
  • Patient care area (including twelve secure-lock patient rooms on the corrections level)
  • Women’s Center (two c-section rooms, infant area, triage area, 16- LDRP and four postpartum patient rooms)
  • 30-bed ICU

There were several unique aspects of the project including a corrections area to deliver patient care to incarcerated people, a hybrid OR, OR-level biplane cath, and an Integrated Surgery Center (ISC) with Cardio Vascular Operating Rooms (CVORs) and climate-controlled implant storage areas for orthopedic ORs.

The most challenging area for the IMEG medical equipment planning team was the Surgery Center, because McLaren wanted additional flexibility in these departments:

  • For the CVOR department, there are two dedicated CVOR suites and one regular OR with CVOR capabilities to serve as an additional expansion room. All three are same-handed with a CVOR pump room adjacent to them for easy access.
  • Flexibility was also a goal when designing the Advanced Orthopedics department — which is grouped on one OR floor. These ORs have identical layouts for ease of room swapping and include strategically placed, climate-controlled, implant storage rooms.
  • Lastly, the cath lab, bi-plane, and hybrid OR suites were meticulously designed for flexible use. The ORs are adjacent to the cath area with additional doors in the hallway and control room setups to permit multiple rooms to be either behind the red-line, or not and accessible to staff without full scrub setup. The staff needed the hybrid suite to accommodate different types of cases and unknown future needs. The room was setup with two equipment/anesthesia booms at 11 o’clock and 7 o’clock that permits the configuration of the room to be flipped (patient head on anesthesia at either end). The hybrid system can also rotate completely around the table, permitting different room configurations.

IMEG worked closely with the owner’s representative, the architect, and end users to collaboratively design an efficient and logical layout that optimally meets McLaren’s needs. IMEG actively provided design and layout recommendations for many departments, especially Surgery, CVOR, Cath and Radiology.

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