San Diego County Boardroom Chambers Renovation

IMEG was the prime consultant for the recently completed County of San Diego Council Chambers Renovation project. Located in the historic San Diego County Administration Center building, the council chambers hold strong historic significance for the County of San Diego.

As part of the renovation, IMEG provided design for replacement of existing air handling units and air distribution system. Sound attenuators were provided in the main distribution ducts to achieve the required ambient noise level. Mechanical design also included a new Direct Digital Control (DDC) system for the HVAC units. The new DDC system is capable of connecting to the San Diego County centralized networked building automation system.

IMEG also provided electrical power distribution for the new A/V systems and designed the new lighting layout. The lighting was designed using high efficiency LED lights with programable controls which are capable of adjusting the light level for a variety of scenarios such as broadcastings, board meetings, presentations, and more. The lighting controls have been integrated with the Crestron System which controls all the A/V and mecho shades for complete lighting control.

As part of our work, IMEG was tasked with the protection of three significant 18-foot tall murals that were painted on the interior walls of the Council Chambers, 80 years ago. Each mural is painted in egg tempera on muslin over a gesso surface and represents an aspect of life in San Diego County: “Recreation”, “Agriculture”, and “Conservation”.  To learn more about the history of these iconic works of art watch the video:

IMEG’s acoustic engineers provided design for appropriate ambient noise in assembly and public meeting areas and for recording needs. Coordination for optimized performance with A/V systems were integrated between the boardrooms 12 loudspeaker design locations for optimum speech reinforcement. This included speaker coverage mapping, projection and clarity mapping and architectural integration.

IMEG rose to the occasion when the installation of the audio/visual systems fell behind schedule. With only two weeks until the facility’s first board meeting, IMEG’s senior designers remained onsite daily to coordinate the completion of the system’s installation as well as to provide hands-on training to facility staff members. IMEG’s diligence ensured the first meeting remained on schedule and was a success.

San Diego County Boardroom Chambers
San Diego, CA
Services Provided

Mechanical, Electrical, Low-voltage, Acoustics