Site Plan & Master Planning

IMEG has been assisting Bonner Property Development, LLC with the development of the Bonner Mill Site since they purchased the property in in 2011. The main goal and mission for this project has been to help the clients maximize their investment on this property by finding unique solutions to the various regulatory issues that have arisen throughout the life of the project. The site does not have access to centralized community water and sewer systems and therefore utilizes on-site sewer and water systems to meet their needs. This can be challenging when the sewer flows and water demands can vary for new tenants.

Services have included assisting with the prior owner’s responsibility to clean up portions of the site, site planning for individual tenants to occupy existing buildings, planning of the residential components to include infrastructure and zoning needs, new commercial and industrial buildings, and many other land use related issues that have come along including the sale of the eastern most portion of the property for the KettleHouse Brewery and Amphitheater project which relied heavily on a solution for on-site water and sewer systems.

Most recently, IMEG has assisted the client with a strategy to get appropriate zoning to allow multi-family housing on the southern portion of the property, assisting with 2 building projects for new tenants, the removal of a repository site, and performing updated Master Planning activities to determine where further development is possible.

Former Mill Site Development
Bonner, MT
Services Provided

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