Solar Photovoltaic Analysis

IMEG provided energy sustainable design services for a photovoltaic study at Cummins, Inc., in Columbus, IN. The project included a formal evaluation for on-site solar PV potential at 18 locations on the company’s southern Indiana campus. These initial sites are part of a plan targeting reduction in the campus greenhouse gas footprint and comprise the first step toward Cummins’ goal of installed 75 MW of solar PV in the U.S. by 2030.

Engineers assessed available roof and site area using information provided by Cummins and takeoffs from Google Earth. Electric utility data at each site also was reviewed to assess potential PV offset. A summary was then provided for each site, providing:

  • Total site kWh usage
  • Total roof/ground area available for PV
  • Solar PV kWh potential (based on typical generation, not detailed analysis)
  • First cost for PV based on current industry averages
  • Payback of PV system
  • Carbon metrics, before and after
    (A sample report of three of the sites’ metrics is shown above.)

IMEG provided three virtual progress meetings with owner stakeholders throughout the project, and provided the firm with a reporting tool to review the findings for all 18 sites on the campus.

Columbus, IN
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