Sports Hall of Fame Lighting Design

IMEG provided electrical and specialty lighting designs for the Basketball and All Sports Hall of Fame at Duke University. The renovation of the existing museum required lighting integration into new custom casework. Introducing a more prominent school logo, showcasing school trophies, athletic achievements and personalities and the use of the school’s colors were driving forces for the project. Existing track lighting was removed as it did not adequately highlight objects within the space. The University wanted to reuse existing architectural lighting in-place and ceilings could not be cut into.

LED sources were utilized throughout to pull out the team’s blue colors and add sparkle to the collection. Designs incorporated three types of LED track luminaires: miniature 6 watt narrow floods to highlight 3D objects; 4.4 watt floods provide fill light for contrast and wash 2D graphics; and 15 watt narrow flood track heads with integral transformers and a hex-cell louver for glare control.

The new energy-saving installation utilizes 1,404 watts compared to 4,830 watts if traditional halogen lighting had been used.

The fast-track project was completed from design to grand opening in 12 weeks.

Duke University
Durham, NC
Services Provided

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Architectural Lighting