Street and Water System Upgrade

IMEG provided quality, high-value, and cost-effective civil engineering services to the City of Rialto for the improvement of Miro Way. This project consisted of completed new street construction, sanitary sewer, storm drain, and potable water improvements. 

New Street Improvements
IMEG designed the public improvements plans to accommodate an 84-foot street right-of-way with a 64-foot curb-to-curb width and 10-foot parkways beginning at Ayala Drive and continuing west to the proposed Alder Avenue (total 7,000-lf). IMEG also identified additional right-of-way acquisition and facilitated acquisition to allow for construction of the desired street improvements with adjoining developers. 

Underground Infrastructure Improvements 
Sanitary sewer, storm drain, and water systems improvements were also designed and constructed, requiring hydrologic and hydraulic design analysis. The sanitary sewer system ranged from 18-inch trunk lines to 8” service lines, the storm drain ranged from an 8’x12’ RCB to 36” main line and 18inch CB laterals. The water line ranged from 12 and 8inch distribution lines. This project included the design and construction of over 9,000-lf of storm drain ranging in size from 18 to 84 inches that outlets into the Cactus Basin, owned San Bernardino County Flood Control. 

Coordination and permitting with the San Bernardino County Department of Public Works were also provided. 

Miro Way Capital Improvement Project
Rialto, CA
Services Provided

Civil, Water and Wastewater