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IMEG provided audiovisual and acoustics design for the Living Room Theaters, part of the historic Bottleworks District of Indianapolis, a $300 million, 1,500,000-sf complex that has reimagined the former location of the largest Coca-Cola bottling plant in the world.

IMEG worked with the owner and architect to create innovative AV and acoustic concepts that are functional, flexible, and support the space’s aesthetics. The design also supports the overall vision and status of the Bottleworks District, cited by Time magazine in naming Indianapolis one of “The World’s Greatest Places of 2021.”

The $6.5 million Living Room Theaters venue is a sophisticated, environmentally conscious space that feature a European-style café and lounge, eight screens capable of 4K digital projection, and a restaurant with full in-theater service. Along with state-of-the-art technology and powerful subwoofers, the space can be adapted to host a variety of different events for private rentals, including parties, lectures, or presentations. The acoustics is hidden to allow audio systems for the bar and dining area to provide ambient noise control and allow patrons a lively feeling, while listening to the local bandstand. A sound reinforcement system is tuned and tailored to the dining space without competing with the adjacent theaters.  The large cubic volume and high ceilings allow an industrial look with perforated metal that hides acoustical lapendary panels hugging tight to the ceilings.

Dolby Atmos sound systems provide high impact dynamics for the theaters, all of which have extensive acoustical treatment with thicker than normal black panels with a subtle diagonal layout. These can be seen in a darkened gray and black room with the ambient lighting accents, and adds a soft feel, as opposed to a simple blacked-out box-like enclosure. The acoustics are seen as well as heard, and provide a sense of envelopment while allowing the film score and narration tracks to be clear and high impact for digital audio. Each theater can be loud but is also isolated and separated from adjoining theaters by a decoupled double wall using air voids and vibration isolation clips. Subwoofers with high impact bass are also decoupled from concrete floors with thick metal plates acting as an inertia block that eliminate rattle and structural coupling to adjacent spaces.  The combined audio and lighting provide a high impact sensory delight that engages the patron and elevates the experience before, during, and after the film.

The technology incorporated into the theaters was carefully considered to match the surrounding art deco motif of the district. All speakers, wiring, and utilities were seamlessly incorporated into the design of the building to be inconspicuous and effective. Blending the advanced audiovisual design with the “exposed” interiors and industrial look of the theaters created a relaxing and welcoming entertainment environment and a unique amenity for the district.

Bottleworks - Living Room Theaters
Indianapolis, IN
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