Tenant Build Out

Architectural lighting and engineering services were provided for the new Chicago office build out.

Given the opportunity to construct their own office, the design team put innovation to the test while creating an evidence-based design. The team identified and examined six advanced lighting strategies: tunable lighting for circadian support; glare reduction though low UGR luminaires; creating a biophilic fractal experience; utilizing a DALI type-8 driver in combination with wireless sensors; providing an enhanced acoustic performance; and establishing a hospitality supported workplace. A portion of the overall budget was shifted to support these explorations, but thoughtful concessions were still required to meet the bottom line. To allow for less efficacious tunable luminaires in the open office, diligent selection of the balance of luminaires was required for the project to be 37% below IECC 2018.

Tunable circadian support lighting via low UGR luminaires provide comfort and support enhanced performance in
the open office area. EML targets were identified through circadian lighting software. Research and an educated hypothesis informed the creation of the EML daily schedule; beyond following the sun, a post-lunch pump of EML is being assessed to support future evidence-based design.

Programmed DALI type-8 drivers optimize each luminaire section’s output, creating a balanced illuminance throughout and reducing overall energy. The team meticulously located wireless occupancy sensors/ zones to meet the IECC 2018 600-square-foot zoning requirements and balance a symmetrical furniture design with the asymmetrical lighting layout. Thoughtful programming and attention to user interfaces led to more intuitive control stations.

Sound privacy is improved through acoustic baffles while integrated acoustic luminaires provide visual softness. Dynamic geometric forms establish a visual signature but unfold into softer biophilic design elements in client-facing spaces to create a hospitality-supported workplace. The team is working with a national laboratory to study the users experience and impact of these strategies as well as identify successes and pitfalls for the larger design community.

Services Provided

Architectural Lighting, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural