Update and Data Migration Assistance

The City of Steamboat Springs was using an outdated version of ArcGIS Enterprise and contracted IMEG to update to the newest version. IMEG worked with the IT staff to architect a parallel environment complete with a SQL database instance so there would be no down time related to the update.

The City uses City View which has a direct connection through services as well as to feature layers which needed to be accounted for in the installation process. In addition, the City wanted to change from named users to Active Directory which also had to be taken into account during the process. IMEG worked closely with the City IT and GIS staff to perform the update and assist in the data migration and publishing of services to the new environment.

Once the migration was completed, IMEG worked with the City through the existing support contract to update the numerous scripts which were in place to ensure the data would stay up to date from the other organizations they pulled from to write to the ArcGIS Enterprise. IMEG continues to provide support and training to the GIS staff through a separate support contract.

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