Wastewater Collection Master Plan

IMEG developed the 2018 Wastewater Collection Master Plan (WWCMP) and associated Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for the City of Manitou Springs. The City owns and maintains a collection system that has been in place since the early 1900’s and serves 5,100+ residents and business.

One of the largest challenges encountered with this project was the overall lack of information on the system. To address this challenge IMEG conducted an in-depth review of all the City’s data, including their GIS database, CCTV videos, manhole inspections, maintenance records, historic maps, and as-built drawings to identify areas where information gaps were present. With the areas lacking information identified, IMEG provided the City with recommendations for developing and maintaining an accurate database of information.

IMEG deployed several SmartCover and ISCO Area-Velocity flow monitoring devices throughout the 26 miles of collection piping to capture real-time flow data. The City had never conducted flow monitoring in their collection system, so it was imperative to collect flow data to get an overall understanding of how the system operates. With the data collected we were able to pinpoint areas with potential capacity issues, develop a robust maintenance program, and generate a 20-year capital improvement plan.

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