Water and Sanitary Sewer

The City of Bowdle was dealing with the cost of continuous repairs to their aging water distribution system and sanitary sewer collection system. The short-term repairs were becoming more frequent and a large portion of the system needed to be replaced. IMEG was selected to provide the civil engineering design, surveying, and construction observation to assist the city with this project.

IMEG’s plan required that five stretches of 4.5-block sections be replaced. Replacing 70-year-old pipes proved challenging as some of the existing sewer pipe grade (slopes) did not meet minimum design standards. IMEG was responsible for making sure the residents had access to their homes, as well as running water during construction. After the initial plan was approved and the work was underway, the city qualified for more funding, so the team was able to replace an additional 4.5 blocks of the deficient system. A month into the project, it was determined the project qualified for more funding via the Federal Stimulus Package. IMEG added 4.5 more blocks to the plans, which required additional surveying and design, and did so in a timely fashion so the contractor was not delayed.

Temporary water services were available via hydrants, PVC pipe, and polyethylene pipe. With this initial portion of the project complete, the City of Bowdle is no longer experiencing the leaks and collapses that were a drain on city resources. The high-quality pipes meet current standards and will last long into the future. IMEG worked with city officials to complete the entire project as quickly as possible.

City of Bowdle
Bowdle, SD
Services Provided

Civil, Survey, Construction Observation