Water and Sewer Replacement

With IMEG’s assistance, the City of Colman secured a Small Community Planning Grant funded by the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (SDDENR). With these funds, the City was able to retain IMEG to perform a water and sewer study. Armed with the new study information, our team completely redesigned and upgraded the system to meet the needs outlined in the study.

Our team was determined to design a project that met the City’s budget requirements and could be built in a timely fashion. This project occurred in several phases with IMEG involved throughout to oversee the project to completion. Our team’s involvement included surveying, utility design, construction administration, and regulatory assistance.

Today, the new system is providing increased efficiency and long-term cost savings benefiting the local residents and businesses. IMEG’s number one priority was meeting the City’s long-term goals in a cost-effective and collaborative manner.

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