WELL Gold Certified Office Renovation

The renovation of IMEG’s Denver office achieved LEED Platinum and WELL Gold certification. Engineers used smart design to maintain a lean budget, reduce the office footprint, and provide health benefits to employees while keeping the cost of construction and WELL certification fees to a small premium of less than 2 percent. 

With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and energy performance, IMEG self-performed the MEP engineering and WELL consulting services. The design included energy sub-metering and an indoor environmental quality that optimizes employee health, wellbeing, comfort, and performance. The office renovation strategies and features included: 

  • Demand control ventilation to save energy and ensure high IAQ when rooms are occupied
  • Low and no-VOC finishes to maintain high IAQ
  • Air quality monitoring throughout the office with a central air quality dashboard
  • Circadian lighting with 4000K color temperature and low lighting power density of 0.38w/sf
  • Removing multiple perimeter offices and high cubicle walls to enhance daylight and views
  • Enhancing employees’ non-exercise activitythermogensis (NEAT) with sit/stand desks and a reservable treadmill desk 
  • Reusing significant areas of carpet, ceiling tile, and window blinds to reduce the material resources needed for the project and the cost for the renovation
  • Electrical sub-metering to track and reduce energy use
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Greenwood Village, CO
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