Workflow Assessment

The Antea Group is a large environmental services firm with offices across the US. The firm had been using network-based concurrent desktop licenses with file geodatabases and as the use of GIS expanded in the organization, the stability and speed of the setup became an issue. IMEG was asked to perform a workflow assessment on how to better serve GIS to the organization.

The final decision was to use a cloud-based ArcGIS Enterprise deployment on Azure. IMEG worked with the Antea Group’s IT department to configure the Azure environment along with the SQL instances in the cloud. A complete deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise was performed.

Given the number of users who would be accessing the GIS, extensive testing was performed to test the speed and stability of the new system. IMEG worked with the Antea staff to develop data designs for the SQL database then assisted with migrating the existing file geodatabases to the Enterprise database along with publishing services for use in Portal and ArcGIS Online. IMEG continues to provide support related to the maintenance and management of the ArcGIS Enterprise.

The Antea Group - ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Deployment
Loveland, CO
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