I2SL’s new program to generate lab decarbonization benchmarks

By Brian Billman and Brandon Fortier  With U.S. lab CO2 emissions coming in at around 40 million metric tons per year, the science and technology industry is in need of benchmarking data to track emissions and begin lowering its CO2 output. The International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) is taking on the task with its

Phius leader keen on passive building’s role in decarbonization (Podcast included)

Kat Klingenberg, executive director and co-founder of the non-profit organization Phius, talks about the history and current state of passive building in the latest episode of the IMEG podcast, The Future Built Smarter. “Passive building principles are not rocket science,” she says. “We’re talking about continuous insulation, airtight construction, no thermal bridging in the envelope,