Design inspiration: 10 IMEG blogs, podcasts, guides, and webinars to assist your next project

IMEG leaders are dedicated to providing thought leadership and information on AEC industry trends to help clients find design solutions for their projects. Here’s a sampling of several of our thought leaders’ blogs, podcasts, webinars, and executive guides published so far in 2021. 

  1. Equity by Design: IMEG President and CEO Paul VanDuyne, Director of Sustainability Adam McMillen, and Director of Innovation Mike Lawless examine the built environment’s ability to have positive effects on social inequality. Read the executive guide.
  2. Substantial decarbonization of industry is possible, but needs to start now. Industrial clients seeking to reduce their carbon footprint need to address both operational carbon (emissions) as well as embodied carbon in their building structure and equipment. Read the blog. 
  3. Virtual Reality: Past, Present, and Future. IMEG Director of Virtual Design Sarah Garthaus and Director of Innovation Mike Lawless discuss how VR has emerged from the shadows of video games to become a powerful and ever-evolving tool for the AEC industry. Listen to the podcast. 
  4. FEMA Risk Index can lead to improved infrastructure resilience. FEMA’s first National Risk Index evaluates all U.S. counties’ risks for 18 natural hazards and the severity of their effects, showing where resilient infrastructure is particularly important. Read the blog. 
  5. Sustainable design will power EV charging. Photovoltaics and energy storage will turn electric vehicle charging stations into network-run power reservoirs that can adapt to users’ needs with simple software upgrades and creative configurations. Read the blog. 
  6. Key design considerations for the smart patient room. The complete patient experience encompasses the journey to the hospital, the care experience, and the trip back home. All these touchpoints must be considered when designing the smart patient experience. Read the blog. 
  7. Back to the Office: Key Steps for Safeguarding Health, Well-being, and Continuity in the Workplace. Business owners can implement several key strategies to improve the safety of their offices as the workplace evolves and reacts to current and future security and health risks. Read the executive guide. 
  8. Mass Timber 101. IMEG structural engineers Matt Cloninger and Adam Law examine the basics of mass timber design and construction. Discussion includes codes, suitable building types and markets, and the reasons behind mass timber’s rise in popularity. Watch the webinar. 
  9. Grand Conceptor Project Shows the AEC Industry Can Deliver It All. Ken Urbanek shares lessons learned from IMEG’s carbon-free, net-zero, and “one water” Denver Water Operations Complex, winner of the 2021 ACEC National Grand Conceptor Award. Listen to the podcast. 
  10. Outdoor learning may become more than just a change of scenery. As students continue to return to the classroom, many school districts are reimagining traditional learning spaces, in some cases bringing them outside. Read the blog. 

And here’s one more, because it’s fun to watch: “The combine and the roundabout” shows how IMEG civil engineers turn Google imagery into animated and rendered 3D images to help the general public understand what a finished project will look like and gain their support. Read the blog and watch the video. 

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