Podcast: Innovation ends the game of ‘Frogger’

This episode of The Future Built Smarter podcast examines an innovative and integrated application of reality capture technologies that has been developed by IMEG to improve exterior lighting and security site assessments.

Explaining the components, applications, and benefits of the ALL (Accurately Locating Light) Meter are guests Eric Vallejo, Director of Reality Capture and Geospatial Solutions; Ryan Searles, Security Consulting Group Leader; and Shanna Olson, Architectural Lighting Team Leader. 

“The traditional methodology for lighting assessments is to go out on site, obviously after dark, and about every five feet or so get down on the ground with a light meter,” says Olson (pictured above with IMEG colleagues, from left, Sam Rall, Trip McLaughlin, and Eric Vallejo). “You’re also looking at other things, making observations, and taking photos as it gets later and later into the evening. At a particularly large job site recently it ended up becoming a little bit like Frogger in that we were repeatedly bending down, getting up, and moving around as cars and semi-trucks drove past us.” The ALL Meter brings an end to the Frogger-like experience, allowing the gatherer to remain standing, stay out of harm’s way, and quickly collect more and better data. A multidisciplinary and collaborative effort among IMEG’s civil, electrical, and lighting teams, the integrated technology consists of an illuminance meter at the bottom of a tall pole, a 3D camera, GPS, and GIS. Drone photography is also part of the methodology and enables stakeholders to visualize areas of poor visibility, lack of uniformity in lighting, and gaps in security.

“You can see immediately where something’s dark or well illuminated,” says Olson. “Owners can see and feel how it is to be in that space at night.”

Together, all components gather more accurate and robust data in a vastly more efficient and safer manner compared to conventional site assessments, ultimately providing powerful information to inform the design phase.

IMEG’s Eric Vallejo, Ryan Searles, and Shanna Olson will discuss this new methodology at the AIA 2023 National Conference on Architecture in San Francisco. “Enhanced Visualization & Reality Capture from a Bird’s Eye View” will be presented at 4 p.m. Friday, June 9. Conference attendees also can visit with IMEG a booth #4240. Learn more.  

Listen to the podcast: