Integrated healthcare services: Answering the call for a better future

By Jeff Carpenter 

Technology designers, medical equipment planners, and healthcare information technology (HIT) experts working side by side enable IMEG to stay one step ahead of healthcare trends and rapidly respond to the needs of clients.  

As one of the few companies integrating these services to maximize the patient and caregiver experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about anticipating our clients’ needs and finding innovative solutions: 

  • Working within the same firm enables our teams to communicate and coordinate with partners, clients, and owners, eliminating costly change orders and delays 
  • We can evaluate our clients’ daily operations and find ways to improve them through various technology systems, like real-time locating systems, or RTLS. By coordinating our teams, we’re able to design a system that supports medical equipment and all other facility technologies to provide the most optimized, cost-efficient, and flexible facility-wide infrastructure. It’s a streamlined and adaptable method of designing, managing, and delivering all technology systems under a unified infrastructure, and it adds an extra level of adaptability for the future 
  • If planned properly, there’s a greater opportunity for our clients to have a higher return on investment by selecting the right medical equipment and the right technology that maximizes staff efficiency and productivity – ultimately helping to improve patient care and clinical outcomes 

We’re answering the call for what our clients are just starting to understand they need. What our integrated healthcare approach plans for today will make the adoption of upcoming technologies easier and more effective to accommodate tomorrow. 

Interested in learning more? Watch our video on Integrated Healthcare Technology services 

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