Technology Leader Q&A: How we tackle the Internet of Buildings

IMEG Technology Leader Jeff Carpenter talks about the Internet of Buildings and other related topics in the following Q&A. 

Q: What is the ‘Internet of Buildings’ and what benefit can it provide? 

A: The Internet of Buildings is the recognition that in a modern building, there’s going to be thousands and thousands of things that are connected in some form. And these are things that have never had any kind of connectivity before. So, the point of that connection is so all of these devices, products, and systems can share data with each other and start to make decisions based on that data to improve something about the operation of the building.  

Q: How does IMEG help clients take advantage of the IOB’s benefits? 

A: For decades, our industry has been used to dealing with systems like telecommunicationssecurityaudio, and video very separately. But the reality of the Internet of Buildings is that all of those systems are part of one big ecosystem. The core of our consulting process really is helping clients deal with the application of that into their buildings and treating all of those systems as part of one coherent consulting process.  

Q: What is the makeup and experience of IMEG’s technology team? 

AWe have a great staff with a lot of different experiences on our technology team. We have staff that come from engineering backgrounds with engineering degrees, some who have sat on the owners’ side of the table, and some who come from the field with contracting expertise. It’s a great mix of skills to help us meet our clients’ needs. Additionally, we made the decision to distribute our staff across the country, rather than to centralize them in one place. That really allows our staff to develop personal relationships with our clients and really serve their interests in a long-term, relationship-based way.  

Q: How do local clients benefit from IMEG’s national presence? 

A: First, we’re tightly integrated with all of the other disciplines that make up the Internet of Buildings. Second, we’ve proven that over the years we’ve constantly evolved our services in order to meet our clients’ challenges and needs on their projects. 

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