AI in practice: IMEG chatbot brings decades of data to engineers in seconds (Podcast included)

In a two-part episode of The Future Built Smarter podcast, IMEG software development team lead Steve Germano discusses IMEG’s internal, AI-powered chatbot, Meg. After a year-and-a-half of development, Meg is now live and serves as a search engine for the firm’s engineering teams and other departments, drawing from the company’s vast amount of stored data.

Podcast: Used as a ‘copilot,’ AI can positively assist designers

Note: The following is a summary from the IMEG podcast, The Future Built Smarter. In keeping with the topic of this episode—artificial intelligence—the summary has been generated by ChatGPT using a transcription from the recording. In this podcast episode, host Joe Payne and co-host Mike Lawless discuss the topic of AI and its impact on

AI and automation among Controlled Environment Agriculture trends

By Luke Streit  AI, automation, and standardization are at the forefront of controlled environment agriculture (CEA), an industry that has been slow to adapt overall. But these tools, among others, will be critical in producing consistent crops.  I recently attended the Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit in New York, where I heard from some of the