Key design considerations for designing the smart patient room

Most of us have fully integrated technology into our lifestyles with smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and AI home devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. Unfortunately, such technology isn’t often adapted to the patient and caregiver experience. 

21 trends: A blueprint of the year ahead

Acuity adaptability in healthcare, a reboot for hospitality projects, expanded implementation of crisis management planning – these are among 21 potential AEC trends for 2021 gathered from IMEG’s national market and service leaders. Read on for a blueprint of the year ahead.  Acuity adaptability in healthcare. “COVID-19 has greatly challenged the healthcare market’s traditional delivery of patient

Economies of scale make transformative technology affordable in new buildings

By Jeff Carpenter  The demand for technology solutions in buildings continues to increase, partially because of the ever-expanding role of technology in our personnel lives. We mature with technology as individuals and then we demand it as consumers and as employees. This means that if building owners who operate a business don’t keep up with transformative building technology, they find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.  Building costs, of course, are

Holistic Oversight: Protect your new building’s energy performance through holistic project oversight

First in a series of excerpts from the free executive guide “Concept to Consumption: Outcome-based Oversight of Building Performance.” By Adam McMillen and Lincoln Pearce  Efficiently designed buildings often use more energy than they were intended to use – sometimes substantially more. This means owners can end up paying twice for their investment – once upfront