Podcast: Environmental issues, expanding specialization key topics in S&T market

In the first of a series of conversations with IMEG market leaders and directors, Brandon Fortier, Director of Science & Technology, joins podcast host Joe Payne and series co-host Steve Rhoades, Vice President of Market Development and Federal Solutions. This episode, like the others to come in the series, provides a high-level view of the trends, challenges, opportunities, and topics that are top-of-mind for IMEG’s clients and partners.

“Science and technology intersects many different vertical markets and a lot of our clients’ questions and needs are very specific to their program,” says Brandon. “But the continuity between them is environmental related—sustainability, resiliency, climate change, decarbonization—things that we hear about in a variety of markets are the same ones that science and technology clients are very focused on.” At the same time, adds Brandon, “we’re seeing a lot of different opportunities with specialization in the market,” including cell gene therapies, life sciences, and healthcare in general. “These have provided many opportunities for new research, and we’re seeing many owners expanding the market.”

Communication is vital for engineers to provide successful solutions to S&T clients’ needs. This includes not only communicating with facility staff but also the end users—the researchers and industrial hygienists and safety and chemical experts. “We need to address the needs of all end users in the facility design,” says Brandon. “We don’t necessarily need to understand the research they’re doing, but we need to understand what they need out of the building systems.”

Listen to the podcast: