Podcast: Water, water everywhere—with many improvements needed

This episode of the IMEG podcast, The Future Built Smarter, is another in a series of discussions with IMEG’s market leaders. In this segment, Jack Kusek discusses water and wastewater. Listen to the episode and you’ll learn: 

  • What PFAs are and what can be done about them 
  • Which U.S. city has the largest concentration of lead pipes 
  • Why security is a big concern for water and wastewater facilities, particularly in smaller communities 
  • How two communities collaborated to ensure their water resiliency 
  • Why outsourcing facility operations is a necessity for many small municipalities 
  • How IMEG has helped restore Frenchman’s Reef resort on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands following back-to-back hurricanes that devastated the property in 2017 

Jack also discusses his motivation for the work he specializes in, and the reward he receives when he’s able to help a community improve its water infrastructure and water quality and provide for one of the fundamental needs of life. 

“The fact that we can help people on St. Thomas and other communities so that they have new facilities, cleaner water to drink, and wastewater plants that aren’t polluting the streams—just seeing how those improvements benefit people and how thankful they are, that’s motivation enough for me.” 

Listen to the podcast:

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