On-Call Engineering & Surveying Services

For the past 17 years, IMEG has been selected as one of the primary contract engineers for the City of Missoula water distribution projects. Under this contract, the firm has provided the full spectrum of civil engineering services including surveying, engineering design, permitting, construction, and project certification for multiple water main extension and replacement projects.

Water System Improvements

This project included construction of a new reverse osmosis water treatment plant supplied by two 1000-foot deep water wells. The new plant took the place of the city’s two old water plants, one of which was surface water and one treated shallow well water. Approximately five miles of cast iron water main was replaced with

Wetland Delineation and Mitigation

In order to create a wetland bank on a site north of Renner, SD, Goeden Property LLC needed to determine the existing conditions and how the property could be restored, created or enhanced to provide compensation for off-site wetland impacts. To complete the site evaluation, IMEG conducted a wetland delineation, collection of hydrological data and

Water and Sewer Replacement

This project consisted of a complete reconstruction of 24 city blocks in the city of Flandreau, which operates the seventh largest municipal utility in South Dakota. The project scope included new sanitary sewer main, sanitary sewer services, watermain, water services, storm sewer, curb/gutter, and asphalt roadway. PHASE 1 The first phase consisted of the replacement

Campus Redevelopment with Intelligent Building Strategies

LEED PLATINUM, WELL BUILDING, NET ZERO ENERGY and “ONE WATER” The 36-acre Denver Water Operations Complex Redevelopment is as true model for intelligent building and one of the most multi-facetted sustainable projects in the nation. Its many challenging goals – including energy and water efficiency, water reuse, and zero on-site carbon emissions – required intricate

Water and Sanitary Sewer

The City of Bowdle was dealing with the cost of continuous repairs to their aging water distribution system and sanitary sewer collection system. The short-term repairs were becoming more frequent and a large portion of the system needed to be replaced. IMEG was selected to provide the civil engineering design, surveying, and construction observation to

Plant Improvements

The wastewater stream from the local industry was high n hexavalent chromium. A new batch treatment system is required to provide more efficient removal to better meet downstream collection regulations. The new plant consists of a batch treatment process using parallel processes, one of electrocoagulation and the other of chemical coagulation Solids from the treatment

Water Storage Tank and Pump Station

IMEG and Gene Schaefer from SDG are currently working with Castle Pines Metro District to design and construct a new 2.0 MG buried water storage tank and pump station. The proposed tank will provide additional storage capacity for the District during peak usage periods while the pump station transfers water to the appropriate zones. The

Stormwater Management Strategy

The Mullan Area Master Plan aimed to maximize workforce housing while accommodating the infrastructure needs of a 2,000-acre area in Missoula County. The site presented significant challenges related to stormwater and maximized density due to proximity to the airport influence area. Our team helped find solutions that maximized the development potential for the outer limits

Water System Model & Expansion

IMEG was contracted to develop a comprehensive hydraulic WaterCAD model for the onsite public water system serving 1500 inmates & 640 state correctional facility staff members at the Montana State Prison. The existing water system developed beginning in 1955 has three on-site public water supply wells. The wells pump to three large storage tanks comprised