Four things to know about firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS)

Cities across the country are starting to require Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS) in new high-rise and large commercial buildings to help firefighters battle fires and improve life safety. Here are four things to know: FARS are similar to water standpipes that deliver water for firefighting. FARS use building-installed pipes to deliver breathable air to

Q&A with ‘housing champion’ Sylke Knuppel

IMEG’s Sylke Knuppel, PE, MRED, is a self-proclaimed housing champion, dedicating her career to working with land entitlements and development. Recently named the 2024 President of the Maryland Building Industry Association, Sylke is passionate about advocating for and facilitating diverse housing solutions. In this Q&A, Sylke, a Project Executive based in Lanham, Maryland, talks about

Consider technology, acoustics, noise abatement, and lighting early in an office-to-residential conversion

Talk of office to residential conversions are everywhere these days. But these conversions aren’t as simple as they may seem — there are many engineering opportunities and challenges involved, and developers will be well served by having a full-service team in place before they begin.  

Understanding your office-to-residential conversion’s structural engineering up-front will save time and money later

Office to residential conversion seems like a simple solution to a problem. Nationwide, office vacancies stand at 17%, with some big cities — San Francisco, Houston, Austin — topping 20%, while the U.S. faces a housing deficit of 3.8 million units.